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Art.No. BAA99942404
Stirrer Bearings, PTFE, Temperature resistance: from -200░C to +250░C

Chemical resistance: universalVacuum: suitableThe sealing rings on these bearings ensure a perfect sealing. The ground joint no longer sticks, the danger of breaking is reduced and the cone can be removed easily from the socket. A special gasket made of PTFE and an FPM o-ring which is compressed by a GL screw cap provide a good sealing of the stirrer shaft. This gasket can be exchanged after wearing.Suitable for vacuum, perfect bearing for stainless steel,glass and Stirrer Shafts.

Stirrer Bearings, PTFE, Temperature resistance: from -200░C to +250░C
Amount   Price   Art.No.
NS19-26 / 6mm / 63mm / GL18┬Ž30.71┬ŽBAA99942404 NS19-26 / 8mm / 65mm / GL25┬Ž29.52┬ŽBAA99942405 EUR NS24-29 / 8mm / 69mm / GL25┬Ž33.04┬ŽBAA99942408
NS24-29 / 10mm / 70mm / GL25┬Ž29.85┬ŽBAA99942409 NS29-32 / 6mm / 72mm / GL18┬Ž38.64┬ŽBAA99942412 EUR NS29-32 / 8mm / 74mm / GL25┬Ž34.32┬ŽBAA99942413
NS29-32 / 10mm / 72mm / GL25┬Ž31.61┬ŽBAA99942414 NS45-40 / 10mm / 80mm / GL25┬Ž66.63┬ŽBAA99942416 EUR NS45-40 / 16mm / 86mm / GL32┬Ž75.49┬ŽBAA99942418

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