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Art.No. BAA41700000
baacklab®-Pipette well-designed, light and precise, and autoclavable

Now, the well-shaped pipette has appeared on the market that features high accuracy and precision. The volume can be adjusted quickly by turning the knob, even while wearing gloves. The baacklab®-pipette becomes increasingly popular due to ist ergonomic finger rest, the digital volume display with reasonable setting steps, and its good price. The transmission of body heat to the piston stroke system does not influence the accuracy anymore. And, of course, the pipette is fully autoclavable. The very easy operation of the pipette facilitates the pipetting procedure and reduces the risk of becoming diseased (tendovaginitis, etc.). The baacklab®- pipettes are manufactured under thorough control and in compliance with the GMP standard. Each pipette is individually tested and certified according to EN ISO 8655. The manufacture is monitored by a Landeseichdirektion (state office of weights and measures) and this is documented by the conformity symbol according to DIN 12600 on each pipette. The pipette is made in Germany and classified as medical product according to the EC directive 98/79EC and is marked with the CE-IVD symbol.

baacklab®-Pipette well-designed, light and precise, and autoclavable
Amount   Price   Art.No.
0.1-2.5µl 72.00 EUR BAA41700000
0.5-10?l 72.00 EUR BAA41700010
2-20?l 72.00 EUR BAA41700020
5-50µl 72.00 EUR BAA41700050
10-100µl 72.00 EUR BAA41700100
20-2100µl 72.00 EUR BAA41700200
100-1000µl 72.00 EUR BAA41701000
500-5000µl 72.00 EUR BAA41705000
1000-10000µl 72.00 EUR BAA41710000

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