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Art.No. BAA27302104
HAEMATOKRIT 210, bench-top centrifuge without rotor

Special-purpose Centrifuge

At 16,060 g sedimentation is completed in just a little over 6 minutes. At any rate, a run time of 10 minutes is sufficient. The rotor comes to a braked standstill. Each capillary is secured within its own chamber and supported by a holding tray. This holding tray serves to contain glass shards and any leakage should a tube break. It is easy to clean and disposable the case of glass breakage.Capillaries, to be used for quantitative buffy coat analysis are centrifuged in the 20-place rotor prior to further analysis.User friendless:Quick-entry keypad: easy-to-read, digital display, display of current parameter valuesEasy entry of the parameters: RPM in increments of 100, running time in minutes, max. 99 minSafety:Lid locking and holdingEmergency lid lock releaseMotor overheating protectionImbalance switch-offStandstill indicationTechnology:Consumption 300 VA(27302104) 220 VA(27302104-01)Radio interference EN 55011,ISM class B (27302104) FCC class B (27302104-01)Immunity EN 50082-1 (27302104)Max. capacity 24/20 capillariesMax. RPM (speed) 13,000 /minMax. RCF 16,060Dimensions (H x W x D) in mm 247 x 275 x 330Weight approx. 10 kg

HAEMATOKRIT 210, bench-top centrifuge without rotor</p>Special-purpose Centrifuge
Amount   Price   Art.No.
208-240V 50-60Hz 1384 EUR BAA27302104
100-127V 50-60Hz 1373 EUR BAA27302104-01

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