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Art.No. BAA13400020
Flat ground joint PZ,borosilicate glass 3.3

Glass apparatuses are assembled from individual parts which can be mutually connected by dismountable joints. The assortment of these standard kit elements includes cylinders, vessels and special parts which can be assembled into an apparatus suitable for majority of technological processes. Basic parts are made in nominal diameters DN 15, 25, 40, 50, 80, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, and 600. Reinforced connecting endings are made in types PZ (flat ground joint), KZ (spherical ground joint), and RK (conical ground joint) according to standards compiled in compliance with international standards ISO. Practical application of glass parts is limited by packing, connecting and accessory parts used.

Flat ground joint PZ,borosilicate glass 3.3
Amount   Price   Art.No.
DN15 /D1= 30 +0.0 -1.0mm /h1= 10mm /D= 22 +0.5 -0.5mm /t*= 3.0 +0.4 -0.4mm /d'= 21mm /d''= 23mm EUR BAA13400020
DN25 /D1= 44 +0.0 -1.0mm /h1= 11mm /D= 33 +0.8 -0.8mm /t*= 4.0 +0.5 -0.5mm /d'= 31mm /d''= 37mm EUR BAA13400021
DN40 /D1= 62 +0.0 -1.0mm /h1=15mm /D= 50 +1.0 -1.0mm /t*= 5.0 +0.5 -0.5mm /d'= 46mm /d''= 52mm EUR BAA13400022
DN50 /D1= 76 +0.0 -1.0mm /h1=15mm /D= 60 +1.0 -1.0mm /t*= 5.0 +0.5 -0.5mm /d'= 58mm /d''= 64mm EUR BAA13400023
DN80 /D1=110 +0.0 -1.5mm /h1=20mm /D= 90 +1.5 -1.5mm /t*= 5.0 +1.0 -0.5mm /d'= 87mm /d''= 93mm EUR BAA13400024
DN100 /D1=131 +0.0 -1.5mm /h1=22mm /D=110 +2.0 -2.0mm /t*= 6.0 +1.0 -0.5mm /d'=111mm /d''=117mm EUR BAA13400025
DN150 /D1=185 +0.0 -1.5mm /h1=22mm /D=165 +2.0 -2.0mm /t*= 7.0 +1.0 -1.0mm /d'=163mm /d''=169mm EUR BAA13400026
DN200 /D1=233 +0.0 -1.5mm /h1=22mm /D=215 +2.0 -2.0mm /t*= 7.0 +1.0 -1.0mm /d'=216mm /d''=227mm EUR BAA13400027
DN300 /D1=338 +0.0 -1.5mm /h1=25mm /D=315 +2.0 -2.0mm /t*= 7.5 +1.5 -1.5mm /d'=312mm /d''=334mm EUR BAA13400028
DN400 /D1=465 +0.0 -1.5mm /h1=25mm /D=415 +2.5 -2.5mm /t*= 7.5 +1.5 -1.5mm /d'=420mm /d''=442mm EUR BAA13400029
DN600 /D1=684 +0.0 -4.0mm /h1=30mm /D=620 +5.5 -5.5mm /t*=10.0 +3.0 -3.0mm /d'=628mm /d''=650mm EUR BAA13400030

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