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Art.No. FRS-001N
Chlorin containing industrial flame retardants (CFRs) pure substance each 10mg

Brominated Flame Retardants (BFRs such as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and hexabromocyclodecane (HDCD) have become ubiquitous global enviromental contaminants because of their widespread use in numerous household and commercial products, such as polyurethane furniture foam, carpet, high impact cases, circuit boards, appliances, electrical equipment, polystyrene foams, and backcoating of fabrics. They have been detected in sediments, biota, house dust, sewage sludge, air, water samples, and human and wildlife tissues. In the past years an impressive amount of information has become accessible on the persistence, as well as bioaccumulative and toxic properties of PBDEs and HBCD.There are 209 congeners of PBDEs. They are produced industrially as mixtures (designated penta-BDE, octa-BDE, and deca-BDE). Some PBDEs break down further in the environment and in the body to other PBDEs and to other compounds. search terms:Standards, Bromobiphenyl ether Congeners

Chlorin containing industrial flame retardants (CFRs)  pure substance each 10mg
Amount   Price   Art.No.
Chlorendic anhydride/Chlorendic anhydride 22 EUR FRS-001N
Chlorafin 40/Chlorinated Paraffin 22 EUR FRS-002N
Chlorowax 500C/Chlorinated Hydrocarbons 59% 22 EUR FRS-004N
Diable 700X/Chlorinated Hydrocarbons 70% 22 EUR FRS-005N
Firemaster BP4A/Tetrabromobiphenol A 22 EUR FRS-006N
Firemaster PHT4/Tetrabromophtalic anhydride 22 EUR FRS-007N
Firemaster T23P/Tris(2.3-dibromopropyl)phosphate 22 EUR FRS-008N
FR-300BA/Decabromodiphenyl oxide 85.5% 22 EUR FRS-009N
FR-651A/Pentabromochlorocyclohexane 22 EUR FRS-010N
FR-1138/Dibromoneopentyl glycol 85% 22 EUR FRS-011N
Hexabromobenzene/Hexabromobenzene (Michigan chemical) 22 EUR FRS-012N
Hexabromobenzene/Hexabromobenzene (White chemical) 22 EUR FRS-013N
Paroil 170-HV 22 EUR FRS-015N
Paroil 170-8 22 EUR FRS-016N
Hexachlorobutadiene/Hexachlorobutadiene 22 EUR FRS-017N
Pentabromotoluene/Pentabromotoluene 22 EUR FRS-018N
Phosgard C 22-R/Halogenated organic phosphate ester 22 EUR FRS-019N
Phosgard 2XC-20/Halogenated organic phosphate ester 22 EUR FRS-020N
Tetrabromo-o-chlorotoluene/Tetrabromo-o-chlorotoluene 22 EUR FRS-021N
Tetrachlorobisphenol A/Tetrachlorobisphenol A 22 EUR FRS-022N
TP-69/Tris(2.3-dibromopropyl)phosphate 22 EUR FRS-023N
Unichlor 40-90/Chlorinated Hydrocarbons 38.5% 22 EUR FRS-024N
Unichlor 502-50/Chlorinated Hydrocarbons 52.0% 22 EUR FRS-025N
Unichlor 70AX/Chlorinated Hydrocarbons 70.0% 22 EUR FRS-026N

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